After 7 years

After 7 years of giving people hugs, high fives, getting people do push ups for free coffee, raising money for non-profits like Best Buddies, Hearth, the Haley House, Rosie's place, Elizabeth Stone House, and buying one classroom brand New school desks and chairs through profit in one weekend, to make a long story short. After being a guest speaker at Harvard, and Suffolk University's International business classes, am now working with Paul Kagame the President of Rwanda. The international business professor, introduce a to Olawale Rotimi Opeyemi the CEO and founder of JR Farms Africa. Ola has been building the bridge from small organic farmers to the market. Making sure that not just the land owners are being paid fairly. He's just given 100 of our farmers free health care. He's been work with Paul for some time now exporting to Nigeria as well as disruption centers around the world.

Our project manager Estella George from rwanda graduated from college with a business degree. She was offered a full scholarship to get her PhD . She has been traveling the world working on similar water projects in places like China and India. She's has dedicated alot of time to bringing thousands of people clean water to various rural parts of Rwanda.

The name of this game is, marketing. Ups can market themselves as the shippping company that delivers the end for the need for clean water. The more coffee they sell, the more coffee they can ship. Its a win win win. Their business is shipping…this is a help me help you situation. I will sell this like know tomorrow.

What they know is that I've partnered with Olawale Rotimi Opeyemi CEO and founder of JR Farms Africa. (I would like to discuss JR Farms Certified Africa, JR Farms Beyond fair Africa, …etc) JR Farms is our partner that is certification that we're beyond fair as in terms of our farmers. We are dedicated and relying to our partnerships with JR Farms to insure that the price to be fair.

We together, Boston Brewin, JR Farms beyond fair Africa, and Paul Kagame the President of Rwanda are looking to partner with the largest shipping company in world to bring an end for the need for clean water….starting in Rwanda.

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